Before                                                After
Restored with dental implants following an accident
Lower jaw where the teeth were of poor long term prognosis. The patient does not wish to have a removable set of false teeth. Dental implants were placed in the jaw bone and a full set off teeth was fixed into place
Following recent tooth loss, this patient struggled to cope with removable false teeth. Implants have been placed to provide a fixed solution to the patient's problem. 
(Teeth 35 and 36 are metal ceramic crowns with metal collars)
In this severely compromised situation, gum disease had taken its toll on the oral structures. The patient did not want to undergo extensive surgery to graft the jaw bone nor did they want a tradiotional removable denture. Implants can be used to provide support, retention and stability when combined with a removable appliance. This tremendously increases confidence and comfort, restoring facial features and function.
The missing teeth in the upper left side (of the patient) of the upper jaw were replaced with implants and the tooth in between restored with a metal free crown.
This smile was restored by combining dental implants and highly aesthetic metal free ceramic restorations.
The loss of a front tooth is a physically and psychologically traumatic experience. This front tooth was promptly replaced and restored by means of a dental implant retained crown.
This lower incisor tooth was lost following a root fracture having had a post and crown for a number of years. This was replaced with an implant retained crown.
Front tooth traumatised over a decade ago. Now discoloured and with a resorbing root. The tooth was extracted and an implant placed immediately. After a course of tooth whitening a crown retained and supported on the implant was fitted. 
Smiles all around!

Extensive tooth wear with tooth loss. This gentleman requested a functional and cosmetic improvement. this was addressed with highly aesthetic metal free restorations and dental implants to replace missing lower front and back teeth.
Replacing missing back teeth with dental implants crowns 
(    ) and conventional metal free crowns (     ).
Restoring missing tooth spaces and teeth both aesthetically and functionally.
Smiles all around: Following the loss of the last very lose teeth teeth in the upper jaw this gentleman required an immediate solution to replace his missing upper teeth. Having planned the treatment, four implants were strategically placed and a temporary bridge was fitted immediately on the day of surgery. This is a fixed and non-removable solution. Six months later a permanent bridge is made and fitted. This is a cost effective solution that often avoids sinus grafting procedures.
(From top to bottom: View of upper jaw with 4 implants in place, Panoramic view of 4 strategically placed implants, the bespoke definitive bridge made by master technicians, final smile shots)
Lose lower dentures? Just lost all you lower teeth?
Two implants can be strategically placed in order to retain and stabilise your dentures. This is known as an 'Implant Over Denture' and it is an effective way of improving your quality of life.
From top to bottom: Two implants in the lower jaw with attachments that retain the denture: Image of underside of the lower denture with the corresponding anchors incorporated within the denture.
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