Prosthodontics and implant dentistry:
Implant dentistry is one of the most complex aspects of dental treatment and it seems to work best when a skilled restorative dentist is the head of the team. A Prosthodontist has the training necessary to plan and coordinate the very complex type of dental treatment that involves dental implants. Dentistry has learned the hard way that when a well trained restorative dentist is not in charge of these complex treatments, the patient will generally suffer and the resultant treatment will not be satisfactory. Dr Khamis is also trained in surgical aspects of implant dentistry.

Useful links:

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Occasionally, during implant surgery a grafting material needs to be used. Information on this product is available here.

Prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry:
All dentistry should look good! Sometimes the sole motivation for dental treatment is to improve one's appearance. In these situations, the prosthodontist shines as the individual who is really trained to make significant improvements in your appearance and your smile. Prosthodontic training stresses the cosmetic as well as the functional aspects of dental reconstruction.

What else do I need to know? 

Depending on the complexity of treatment, the prosthodontist may need to co-ordinate your care with other specialities for example:

Periodontist      For complex gum issues
Endodontist      For complex root canal procedures
Oral surgeon      Where complex surgery may be needed
Orthodontist      Where straightening the teeth may be desirable