What does a prosthodontist do?  
A prosthodontist will usually treat the more difficult dental problems such as people who are missing many teeth or have significant functional or aesthetic problems. While the general practitioner is capable of handling most simple crown and bridge procedures to replace and repair missing teeth, when it comes to restoring an entire arch or the whole mouth, the prosthodontist is indicated for this difficult and complex type of dental treatment.Patients contemplating dental implants or major changes in their appearance should consult with a prosthodontist to assure that they are gaining the best possible care for their dentition. These difficult treatments require the expertise that is only available by a trained prosthodontist. 

What to expect from your first consultation:

Your first visit provides the opportunity to express any concerns and what you would like to achieve. It allows Dr Khamis to get to know you. This is followed by a comprehensive examination and depending on your needs may also include x-ray films*. Moulds for further diagnostics and planning may be required (not included in consultation fee). With all the information at hand a plan of treatment can be tailored to your meet your needs. To enable you to make an informed decision, a written summary is provided with estimated treatment costs.

A comprehensive, one to one consultation for an hour is charged at a set fee of £ 150.

*Please note a CT scan may be required; this is not included in the consultation fee.