Before                                             After
This patient was born with a cleft lip and palate.Dentures have been made to provide an aesthetic but also a functional approach to replace missing teeth where dental implants are not possible
The above presentation is typical of a patient that has worn their teeth due to early tooth loss, amongst other factors which have also resulted in the loss of tooth substance.

An 'overdenture' fits over and around existing teeth modified to enhance stability and provide retention. The support of this prosthesis is shared between the underlying teeth and the gums reducing the rate at which bone is lost due to constant pressure on the gums.
A severely worn teeth restored by combining a removable over denture and conventional crown and bridge work.
After nearly 20 years, this gentleman was complaining of a very lose bridge replacing some of the missing upper teeth. 
On investigation, a number of teeth supporting this bridge had fractured and decayed.
Implants where not wanted at this time and a conventional denture would not have been easy to live with. A solution was reached by designing telescopic copings that help support and retain a metal based over-denture.
The patient was delighted with the functional and aesthetic results achieved.